Author: K. Calvinaro

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Will This Future be Today’s Reality?

Air Force veteran’s publishing debut is the first book of an intriguing series

A new author hoping to make his name with his own world and personal writing style, author K. Calvinaro brings forth 12:25, the first book in its series, about a future world that is not so different from the world today. Readers will find this story thought-provoking and gripping, as they follow the characters through three worlds and a whole world of questions and answers.

The otter which carries the earth through space is dying and the orbital cloud around it has become so cluttered that any more mission outside of earth is unfeasible. Millions are stuck on mars and without a chance to resupply. This dystopian world has been ruined by powerful men and a group of not-so-powerful men decide to play their hand at politics until the world turns violent.

In this story, readers will also see the current status of Heaven and Hell through various deities. What happens when a person dies? Readers will soon find out that people serve the God they believed in at the time of their death in the battle royale that is Heaven. When a god dies in Heaven, they become a mythology on earth and their new home is in Hell where they wait for their relevance to die. Readers will see the world of Hell first portrayed by Thoth who shares his story on how peaceful Hell was; until Father Johnathan shows up and is forced to fight for his own survival and that of many more. With all three worlds in complete chaos, how will the other characters bring stability to them? Or can they?

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